Young Adult Ministry

We are maturing followers of Jesus in Tulsa and Sand Springs living for something greater than the American Dream of self reliance, satisfaction and comfort - What is greater? JESUS! He has given us LIFE, PURPOSE and his MISSION - We were once dead but are now ALIVE for the GLORY OF GOD and He has made us His ambassadors in this world – With thankful devotion we passionately pursue his MISSION by going and making disciples with His message.

We envision:

1. Unbelievers becoming baby daughters and sons

How – Only through Jesus’ death can an unbeliever become a child of God and so we, even in immaturity, preach the gospel that they may begin to change their mind and trust him

2. Baby daughters and sons becoming disciples

How – Only Jesus has made and is making us holy and so we seek love drenched community with immature believers that we may follow and worship Jesus with all devotion

3. Disciple making disciples

How – Only the Holy Spirit teaches and reminds us gospel truth and so we help each other mature in obedience using God’s words (Scripture) and life circumstances



Weekly Schedule 

9:00 am  Small Group Bible Study
10:15 am

 Morning Worship Gathering