The Me I Want To Be

Posted by John Ortberg on 4 October 2013 | Comments

I came across this book from the recommendation of another pastor in our city.  I am glad he told me about it because it really is a good read.  Our church family is familiar with the SHAPE concept by Rick Warren.  This book takes that concept and drills even deeper in getting a better understanding of how God has uniquely created you, called you and equipped you for His purpose.  It takes you on a journey of getting a better understanding of what God has created you to be and to do.

Ortberg is very open and authentic about his journey of discovering who God created him to be.  The book is divided in to seven parts: finding my identity, flowing with the Spirit, renewing my mind, redeeming my time, deepening my relationships, transforming my experiences and flowing from here out.  Each part is supported with chapters that are very well written and are applicable to your daily life. 

The simple concept that hit home with me from this book was the idea that the success of the Christian life is not our devotional life but are we becoming like Jesus.  The bottom line is to better understand who you are.  Understanding your unique struggles and how to overcome them by finding how you best connect with God and draw closer to Him.  Seeing spiritual disciplines not as ridged rules or requirements we must meet but finding freedom through spiritual habits that help you best connect with God.  The purpose of spiritual disciplines are to position us to experiences the Holy Spirit’s work in our lives to make us like Jesus.

“The Me I Want To Be” should be read by any follower of Christ who wants to get a greater understanding of God’s unique mission for their life and how to pursue that mission for their life.

Pastor Scott