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Dr. Richard Land President of Southern Evangelical Seminary in his BETC radio broadcast on March 11, 2015,   tells the of the miraculous rescue of 18 month old Lily Grosebeck of Utah who survived hanging upside down in her car seat for at least 14 hours in near freezing temperatures with icy water rushing by just inches below her head through the broken windows of her car.  Her 25 year old mother died when their car hit a bridge and plunged into the waters near a little town called Spanish Fork outside of Salt Lake City. 

Four police officers who rushed to the rescue once the car was discovered by a local fisherman tell an amazing story.  They could see the body of the driver of the car, the mother obviously deceased but they could not see the baby from their vantage point.   Yet, all four of the rescuing officers heard a female voice calling for help inside the vehicle.  The officers said, “we have gotten together and talked about it and all four of us can swear we heard somebody in the car saying ‘help.’’’ One officer said, “The only people in the car were the deceased mother and the child.”  He said, “They cannot explain it but they have no doubt they heard it.”

Dr. Land points out that if you hold a secular or atheistic worldview you cannot explain it but as Christians we can explain it.  If you hold a theistic Christian worldview we acknowledge that fact that because God exists, miracles are possible.

We worship a God who spoke the world into existence. (Genesis 1)   Most scientists hold to the “Big Bang” theory.   That means the universe had a beginning and I am convinced the God of the bible is the beginner.   Our Great God spoke the universe into existence.  That was a miraculous cataclysmic event of a God apart from and outside of time, matter and space.  He is the Uncaused Cause. 

As Christians we acknowledge that there is a convergence of miracles that affirm that Jesus is God, the savior of the world.  First, He fulfilled numerous prophecies about Himself that were foretold centuries before He arrived on earth.  Secondly, He is the only one ever who lived a sinless life and backed it up by living a miraculous life.  Thirdly, He predicted and accomplished His resurrection from the dead after conquering sin and death. 

Norman Geisler in his book “Reasons for Belief” put in this way, “A God who could create time, space, stars, planets, moons, and all the variety of life on earth surely could perform more simple acts like healing or helping in a time of need.” I have no doubt the God who created and redeemed us chose to intervene by allowing the rescuing officers to hear a voice so they could save the life of this precious little girl.  Let’s thank God and remember that He is still in the miracle working business. 

Pastor Scott

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