Politicked, Religious Liberty and the Moral Revolution

Posted by Scott Palmer on 12 May 2016 | Comments

Politicked, Religious Liberty and the Moral Revolution

I have had people ask me what I think about the current political climate in the U. S. and the only word that I can come up with is “Politicked.”  I am just “politicked.”  It is amazing to me that on both sides it seems that Americans are not really concerned about character.

The truth is I have strong political opinions but as a pastor it does not matter to me if our people are republicans, democrats, independents or whatever group they might identify.  My hope is not in any political party.  Even though I am proud to be an American and very patriotic my hope is not in America.  My hope is in Jesus Christ and His kingdom and His church.  Jesus is our hope.  My ultimate hope and trust is in Him.

My prayer as a pastor is that our people would be actively involved in the political process of our democracy but do so with a Biblical worldview.  My hope is that Christians would get involved in the political process and vote from a Biblical worldview with a kingdom agenda.  I believe that we are called to be salt and light.  Honoring Christ and His kingdom should be our agenda.

As a pastor, I will speak to moral issues as the Bible speaks to them.  If the Biblical position on a particular moral issue is consistent with a political party or agenda, then it is, but I do not speak on the issue from a political perspective.  I speak on the issue from a Biblical perspective.  I have a responsibility to preach the whole counsel of God.   My prayer is that every believer would know Biblical truth and then live, speak , share and serve from a Biblical and Spirit led conviction.. 

I will speak to issues related to religious liberty.  Because I am convinced the best way for people to come to know the truth of the Gospel is for people to have the freedom of speech and the freedom to believe.  It is important that we as followers of Christ not only speak up for our right to believe but for the rights of others to believe.  We should even fight for the rights of those who disagree with us because to limit their right of belief will eventually lead to limiting our right to belief.

My concern with the new Moral Revolution in our day is not just that I disagree with it but I am amazed at its intolerance of anyone who disagrees.    What I mean by the Moral Revolution is the current LGBT agenda related to marriage, gender and sexuality.  The current climate is that if you do not agree with their agenda than you will suffer the consequences  of not agreeing with their opinion.  There is even a willingness to discriminate against those who hold to traditional views of marriage and sexuality that have been held for centuries.  If you hold to traditional views that have been held for centuries, you are now somehow bigoted, prejudicial and discriminatory.

This slippery slope of relativism has far reaching effects.  On April 26, Amanda Prestigiacomo writing for “The Daily Wire “ shared the story of a lawsuit filed by Andrew Cash  who was working on his Masters in Marriage and Family Counselling at Missouri State University in Springfield, Missouri.  As a part of the program he was to fulfill his mandated face-to-face hours of counselling for the program.  Cash volunteered at Springfield Marriage and Family Institute (SFMI), a Christian organization which he had approved by the college.  The school was aware that it was a Christian organization.

Cash arranged for a surrogate of the institute to speak to the class as a part of the project.  The counsellor ended up answering questions concerning gay couples and praying: SFMI prays with those who ask, and refers gay couples to other agencies for marriage and counselling per their religious beliefs.

“Boyce (Cash’s supervisor at SFMI) explained SFMI’s Christian-based approach to counselling, and indicated that the Christian value foundation of the counseling practice was well known to anyone who came to seek counseling.  A question was asked if SFMI prays with clients.  Referencing an openly displayed, Bible Boyce said that he would pray with a client upon request.  A student asked if SMFI counsels gay couples.  Boyce said that he would counsel gay persons as individuals, but not as couples, because of his religious beliefs, but would refer the couple for counseling to others counselors he knew who did not share his religious views.”

This did not sit well with Cash’s teacher.  Cash was informed by the internship coordinator, Dr. Perrymen, that he was no longer allowed to clock his volunteer hours with SFMI; he was told the hours he has clocked thus far were void; he was forced to audit two classes he has already passed with an “A” grade; he was forced on a “remediation plan” seemingly in an attempt to indoctrinate him to reject the tenants of his Christian faith.  Then finishing off this act of tolerance in November of 2014 Cash was informed by the Dean he was booted from the program.

This is amazing to me.  What country are we living in? Basically those pushing the Moral Revolution are saying if you don’t agree and even if you hold views that have been held for centuries you are out.  There is no room to disagree with the Moral Revolution which is now supported by our current political climate.  Listen, we must fight for the right of people like Cash to have their Christian views.  We must fight for the rights of those who do not hold to Christian views.  It is a dangerous world that says you cannot hold a different view or you will be punished.  This is absolutely an issue of religious liberty and all citizens should speak out against it.

As followers of Christ, we need to remember that we are involved in Spiritual warfare.  We are not at war with people but we are at war with ideas and ideologies that stand against the truth of God.  Paul said, “Stand firm then (have courage-stand for the truth of the Gospel) with the belt of truth buckled around your waist (stand on the truth of the Word of God) with the breastplate of righteousness in place (stand in Christ’s righteousness… we are in right standing with God because of His grace…we remember we are sinners saved by grace.) Ephesians 6: 14

Let’s be a church that will prepare for the Spiritual battle before us with COURAGE-TRUTH AND GRACE.

Pastor Scott


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